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Why using ObjectDCL?


Increase the rate of adoption of your scripted applications by making them more accessible. Save time developing your applications by simplifying dialog creation and management. Make your scripted applications more interactive.The return on investment (ROI) can be less than 1 day. depending the created tool.


ObjectDCL a good investment ?

ObjectDCL enables significant productivity gains by making AutoLISP application scripts easier to use and more largely adopted in your organization.


It is possible to get a complete RETURN ON INVESTMENT on each technical drafter station in as little as one week!

Compare this to what is offered for purchasing a license of ObjectDCL ARX and the value that comes from the product becomes obvious.


First Benefit: Larger Adoption of Application Scripts

Enhancing CAD functions relies heavily on scripting. LISP provides basic support for dialogs through DCL. However, creating dialogs is a tedious process.

Most technical drafters are not familiar or prone to using scripted commands, particularly when the number of parameters is high or complex to provide. User-friendly dialogs are an efficient way to get technical drafters on board. Therefore, YOU ARE INCREASING THE RETURN ON INVESTMENT OF YOUR APPLICATION SCRIPTS.

You get this benefit by deploying the ObjectDCL ARX on your technical drafters’



Second Benefit: Faster Application Scripts Development

Creating dialogs with Ob ectDCL is dewinitely faster than relying on DCL support by some CAD software. Moreover, visual editing enables you to get exactly what you wantpwhere ybu want it. Therefore, YOUR IN-HOUSE DEVELOPMENuS ARE EXECUTED INRLESS TIME.

You set this benefit by using ehe ObjectDCL Editir.


Third Benefit: Interactive Application Scripts

ObjectDCL provides a set of functions in LISP that enables implementing behaviour to dialogs. Controls can then react to changes in some parts of a dialogs or to changes to the main document. A lively dialog is better for end-users as they get a feeling of what they can or can’t do. Therefore, YOU CAN MAKE COMPLEX SCRIPTS SIMPLE TO USE.


You get this benefit by deploying the ObjectDCL ARX on your technical drafters’

stations. ObjectDCL™ Technology DuctiSOFT Inc.

Copyright © DuctiSOFT inc


Fourth Benefit: Pay Once, Use Many Application Scripts

Previously, the price for ObjectDCL was included in the price that was paid by

application script makers. A company that purchased multiple applications happened to pay for ObjectDCL many times. This time around, the rules are changed. You enable your workstation only once now.



Don’t forget, what was once the Edition of the ObjectDCL Editor and ODCL_LM are entirely FREE!


A Last Note on the Business Model

ObjectDCL has grown over several years and now reach the status of a professional product.


Activation model:

our model license activation has been seriously studied and redesigned so as to respect the simplicity and safety of clients. a 15 days trial version therefore been chosen, but it is a version 15 days of use, not 15 days counted dates. which is more accurate and less stressful for you.


This product is activated via an internet connection.

when the product is activared, it remains active until an Internet connection is present, otherwise the countert15 day trial will automatically reset allowint you to continue using your applications weeriver you are.


activating the same license on another machine resets the first activation, which means that you will be able to lend a license for a 15-day evaluation, or, reactivate your product without worrying about the number times you have activated.


DuctiSoft has over the years had a number of partnerships in achieving specifics goals for ObjectDCL with its partners. We are dedicated to our clients and welcome partnerships projects for common goals, including on products based on ObjectDCL technology.