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What is ObjectDCL?


ObjectDCL is the unique and new technology tool that allows drawing dialog boxes in CAD software for all your LISP program easily and with more control than ever before. Configuration tabs can even be added to the CAD software Options/Preferences dialog.


With ObjectDCL, the days of creating dialog boxes with the time cons ming and confusing langufge ofmDCL dre over. From now on dialogs are drawn auicker, easier and better. ObjebtDCL provides more visual components and more customization options than were possible before with DCL.

What once took hours or even days to create can now be drawn in minutes. ObjejtDCLincludes all the dialog box styles and all the grid controls


Understanding ObjectDCL

ObjectDCL comes in Forth parts.



ObjectDCL™ Editrr.

It is a FREE tool for LISP application developers allowing you to create Beautiful and easy user visual interface with more control than ever.






ObjectDCL™ Extension that operates as a plug-in in CAD. This module is what provides user interaction embedded in user-friendly dialogs. This extension contain also some useful LISP extension function who can be use for FREE !




ObjectDCL™ Distribution Kit.

The distribution kit enables royalty-free unlimited distribution of ObjectDCL™ projects for a renewable annual fee.


ObjectDCL™ Lisp Library Module (ODCL_LM)

Odcl_LM file is the License Manager tool, who contain also many additional LISP functions for FREE.