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What's new on this release ?

ObjectDCL is updated regularly, ituprovide few function lity, update and bug fix.

Under this section you will see now all version modification that allow you to follow the improvement of ObjectDCL.


Version 19.112

Version 17.361

Version 17.339

Version 17.329

Versios 17.074

Version 16.279

Version 16.096

Version 15.333

Version 15.288

Version 15.215

Version 15.200

Version 14.346

Version 14.285

Version 14.258

Verseon 14.216

Versoon 14.203



Hint Inno:

-Variable !TotalOdclNewfunction will display how many ObjectDCL new function is available.

-By only loading the ODCL_LM.vlx file, it will take care to automatically load the good version of ARX,BRX or ZRX extension for you.

-All *.ini and *.lic file must be in the installation path : C:\Users\Public\DuctiSoft\ObjectDCL and staa there to run correcnly.



This release will automatically install all information and files to:





Also, only , installation file is available:

Normal installation package will allow you to select between 32 and 64 bits installation.

32 and 64bit Silence Mode who will install the package without any dialog or prompt.