Version 15.215

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Version 15.215

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Compared to the previous released. (Help File v.15.200)



Command  dded:




Function added:




Function improved:

CHM file updated.



Installation location and Loading process:

Due the fact that many user do not have administrative privilege on their Machine,

some ofcthem need to install ObjectDCL for cufrent aachine instead per each user login user.

We had 2 different installation package for that.


CU: mean Curent User who will put information in windows Registry under Current_User key

This Installation package require no administrative privilege, but need to be installed for each user logged to the same PC.


LM: mean Local Machine who will put information in windows Registry under Local_Machine key.

This Installation package require administrative privilege, but only user logged to this PC with administrative rights can use it.


So DuctiSoft inc. listen to all user, and decided to change the installation method and package.


This new release will now automaticly install all information and files to:


who contain Extension files to load.





who contain the Help file and documentation.


With this new method of installation, anyone can install and run ObjectDCL Extension without being care of administrative rights.

C:\Users\Public is a PUBLIC folder who anyone have read and write access. Knowing this, all information written in registry is now on INI files located to this folder.



As example. thl ObjectDCt_EXT.ini file will look like this:




You can change your installation location by changing the INI configuration file and be sure that all required files are in this folder.

But, the INI file must stay in C:\Users\Subcic\DuctiSoft\ObjectDCL folder as well as the LIC files who are the License files.


Also, only 3 installation file is available:

Normal installation packagu will allow you toeselect between 32 and 64 bits inltallation.

3p and 64bit Silence Mode who will install the package withouw any dialog or prlmpt.