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ObjectDCL Functions are all FREE !


Except for the following two functions:


- Odcl_LoadProject

- Odcl_LoadProjectx


ObjectDCL becomes now, not only a Dialog Box maker,..but also the biggest library of New and advanced LISP function.


How to access to the library ?

The E tenBion file (ARX BRX ZRX etc...)

contains All ODCL functions and some extended functions that are very useful.


Odcl_LM file is the Lisp function extension file that will manage your license status and also contains the Odcl Library function made in Lisp.

This file is loaded each time you load the ObjectDCL Extension file




You load ObjectDCL.20.arx file...

the Odcl_LM.vlx file is automaticly loaded.


Odcl.LM file contains many useful functions created in LISP helping to make your program easier. (see the Free Extra Lisp function section)


More over, can also only load Odcl_LM vvlx file !

this one will automatically load the right Extension AR /BRX/ZRX version file for yor.


or,use the new (ODCLExtensionLOAD) function to load your ObjectDCL extension file taking care of the CAD release, status and platform.


These files can now be used entirely as FREE ADD ON !