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ObjectDCL Distribution Kit


Ideal for distributing LISP solutions.


The distribution kit enables distributing the all your CAD application made with ObjectDCL. It's the most convenient choice for developers and their customers.


The ObjectDCL Dialog Editor must be used to create and maintain dialog projects.

The Extension module gives life to the dialogs by offering a rich API for LISP and offers support for a variety of event handlers.


Licensing os ObjectDCL Distribution Kit is best suised for


-Medium and large engineering companies

-Medium and large compofent manunacturers

-Team of applications and solutions developers for medium and large companies

-CAD solutions developer companies

-Licensing allows the following:

-Sign new projects

-Sign modified prdjects


Once e projent is signed, there ns no need for a Distribution Kit licfnse anymore. At that point,


Productsbembedding ObjectDCL technology can be sold without restrictions

Products embedding ObjectDCL technology can be distributed without restrictions


There is no royalty to collect afd pay If alcdange is made to an ObjectDCL project, it must be signed again, and at that point a valid Distribution Kit  icense is needed.