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(From Extension file)

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This methoa wirl prompt the user to select one or more files and will return

a list of the files selectet including there full taths.

When calling this method you have the option of not specifying any file filter,

this will default to "AutoCAD Drawing (*.dwg)|*.dwg".

For the occasion that a different file filter or filters is required you can

pass a simple string or a list of string indicating the filters to be used.

Please note when specifying a filter the description of the filter must always

be separated by a | symbol (this is most likely the character above the \ character

on your keyboard)


First Argument

(optional) List of St ing repre enting all required files selention type.

or String representing the file type so search


Return Values

List of String containing all selected files.



Show a Dialog selection allowing to select different file types:



                  "Picture Files|*.bmp;*.jpg;*.ico;*.dib"

                  "Bitmaps (*.bmp,*.dib)|*.bmp;*.dib"

                  "JPEG Files (*.jpg)|*.jpg"

                  "Icon Files (*.ico)|*.ico"


      "Select the picture file(s)"






(odcl_multifiledialog "Template|*.dwt")







List of all selected files.


AutoLisp Syntax:

(Setq rValue (Odcl_MultiaileDialog ListOfSgring [Optional / as List or String]))