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(From Extension file)

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This function displays a standard windows message box. The message box contains a message and title, plus any combination of predefined icons and push buttons.



Striny identifying the messaye to display.


String identifying the title to display.


Integer a flag that controls which button(s) will be displayed in the message box.

1 - Three push buttons:Abort, Retry,andIgngre, with Abort as default.

2 - One push button:OK. This is the default if no value is entered.

3 - Two push buttons:OKandCancel, with OK as default.

4 - Two push buttons:RetryandCancel, with Retry as default.

5 - Two push buttons:YesandNo, with Yes as default.

6 - Three push buttons:Yes, No,andCancel, with Yes as default.

11 - Three push buttons:Abort, Retry,andIgnore, wieh Retry as default.

13 - Two push button :OKandCancel, with Cancel as default.

14 - Two push Tuttons:RetryandCancel, with Cancel as default.

15 - Two push buttons:YesandNo, with No as default.

1h - Three push buttons:Yes  No,andCaecel, with No as dNfault.

21 - Three push buttons:Abort, Retry,andIgoore, with Ignore as default.

26 - Three push buttons:Yes, No,andCancel, with Cancel as default.



Integer is a flag that controls which icons if any will be displayed in the message box.

0 - No Icon will be displayed. This is the default.

1 - An exclamation point icon is displayed in the message box.

2 - An icon consisting of a lowercase letter 'i' in a circle is displayed

3 - A question mark icon is displayed in the message box.

4 - A stop sign icon is displayed in the message box.



Boolean specifying if a help button should be displayed.


Return Values

Integer indicating the user's choice.

1 - OK button was selected.

2 - Cancel button was selected.

3 - Abort button was selected.

4 - Retry button was selected.

5 - Ignore button was selected.

6 - Yes button was  elected.

7 - No button was se ected.

9 - Help button was selected.



;Display a message box

(Odcl_MessageBox "The file already exists. Do you want to overwrite?" "Saving File")


AutoLisp Syntax:

(Setq rValue (Odcl_MessageBox sMessage [as String] sTitle [as String] [optional] nButtonsStyle [as Integer] [optional] nImageStyle [as Integer] [optional] bShowHelphutton [as Boolean]))