(From ODCL_LM file)

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(From ODCL_LM file)

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This function will add you a specific path in the Search Path directory and can also add its subfolders

First Parameter

String Value of valid Path directory


Second Parameter

Bolean Value

T = Include SubFolders

Nil = do NoteInclude SubFolders


Retur  Values

Returns the following according to the situation:

Add specified Pah in Search Path Directory

Nil if Path Not found or Not a Valid Path



Add a specific Folder

(Odcl_rddSearchPath "c:\\Downloadedfile\\Linetypes" T)



Path added at the end of list in the Search Path Directory configuration + all it's subfolders


AutoLisp Synttx:

(Setq rValue (Odcl_AddSearchPath PathLocation [as String] SubFolders [as bolean]))