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What is OVLIDE ?

Description of this tool


Why an Online Editor instead of a Desktop application ?

Method used to edit your Code


I use AutoCAD, so why using OVLIDE instead of VLIDE ?

See the comparison


How OVLIDE work ?

Discover how OVLIDE works


How do I link my CAD software to OVLIDE editor ?

Use OFC to connect CAD with OVLIDE.


OVLIDE features for CAD

Features of OVLIDE.


OVLIDE Editor in Action

See some feature of OVLIDE editor in action







What is OVLIDE ?


Ovlide is an Online LISP code editor for CAD software allowing you to access your code anytime anywhere.





Why an Online Editor instead desktop application ?


By creating an Online Editor, it allows more possibilities for future features,

-          Code anytime anywhere without having any CAD software installed.

-          Allows to retrieve your code and project anytime.

-          Work on same project in collaboration with other programmers.

-          Sharing and backup files without requiring other application.





I use AutoCAD, so why using OVLIDE instead of VLIDE ?


VLIDE is very cool, and great tool for AutoCAD. The goal of OVLIDE is to provide LISP more flexibilities and options that VLIDE tools do not offer at the moment. However, VLIDE editor for AutoCAD still useful for some feature that OVLIDE do not have at the moment,…but this is just a beginning.

OVLIDE version 1.0 do not allow all feature of actual VLIDE like creating VLX or formatting text. Many new features or on table actually.

But one of the biggest advantages that OVLIDE offers is to provide its operability to other CAD software.




How OVLIDE work ?


OVLIDE is a website. You need to create an account and start to use it.





After Login, you will access to the OVLIDE EDITOR.




As you can see, the OVLIDE editor is quite simplistic.

Creating project, file, search, etc…basic content…so let’s take a tour…



Project Panel


At the left side of the editor, you will see the project Panel.

This panel allows you to access to your LISP project and files.



Project Menu


Top side Project Menu

These options are used for Project Name only.


New Project: Create new project

Rename Project: Rename selected project

Save Project: Will save the entire Project

Delete Project: Will Delete the entire Project.

Download Project: will allow to download your source code.

Import Project: will allow to import folder LISP files project.



File Menu


Top side File Menu

These options are used for Lisp file Name only.


New LSP: Create a new LSP file

Save LSP: Save the current LSP file

Save LSP as: Save the current LSP file to another name.

Delete LSP: Delete selected LSP file

Upload LSP: Upload an LSP file to your account.

Rename LSP: Rename selected LSP file.



Edit Menu


Top Side Edit Menu

These options allows you to search&Replace string character in the current LISP Editor.



View Menu


Top Side View Menu

These options allows you to adjust the actual view of the Editor.









Settings Menu


Color Theme: contains different coloring themes syntax

Enable/Disable AutoComplete: allows to use auto-complete sentence while writing.








Help Menu


Shortcuts: will show you all available ShortCut Key

Help File: will show you this HELP file.







Switch User





*Note: you can always use Alt+Space to Enable auto-Complete feature if disabled.






Switch User

You can switch and/or disconnect from website account anytime




How do I link CAD software to OVLIDE editor ?


OVLIDE can interact with CAD software by using OFC (Ovlide For Cad) plugin.

This simple installation contains dialog Box made with ObjectDCL allowing programmers to evaluate variables, functions and some others useful features.


OVLIDE with OFC download.


Once installed, if OVLIDE command is not recognized, you can load the application manually with _APPLOAD command and browse to:



*Note that filename extension can be different depending the CAD software used.


Then,…dialog box with browser must show with some extra button at the bottom left.


(1)          (2)        (3)         (4)         (5)






OVLIDE features for CAD


(1): This button will show Function List with required parameters of the current file


The first column will show you the line position of the function name.


The second column show you the function name.


The Third column show you how many parameters the function needs.


And total function is shown at the bottom of the modeless dialog.



(2): This button will load or evaluate selected text from the editor and will show result

if nothing selected, the entire code will be loaded.


Exemple: selected variable is TRClist who is a LIST value in a new modeless form.



The value type is shown at the bottom left button that reacts differently depending on the value type.

These images above show a List Value, so by clicking the LIST button it will allow you to change List disposition and make you better your understanding.



Another exemple, if a STRING eval type is evaluated, OVLIDE will check the result value and determinate if the STRING can be run as Link, then it will change the button action accordingly of the Value type:



In this case, the STR button will open Windows Explorer and select specific file.



(3): This button will open the compilator dialogbox.



(4): This button will allow you to switch the local user.

Important note:  Local username has to be the exact same login name as the OVLIDE account to work properly.




(5): This button will show you this Help File.






The OVLIDE Editor in action


OVLIDE Editor comes with many cool and useful features..


1)      Mode selected code by using up/down key





2)      Multiple lines modification







3)      Auto-Complete sentence





4)      Zoom In Zoom Out.





OVLIDE include now the famous ENTGETUI

Tool allowing you do get data from selected entities.



And Many more….



OVLIDE also offer 35 different Themes with syntax colors…






In fact, the more you play with OVLIDE, the more you will like it.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions and/or comments.


Thank you.






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