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ObjectDCL™ Free Lisp library

This new VLX file allow LISP programmer to save time by using new LISP function.



ObjectDCL™ come now with 2 additional files:

ODCL_LM.vlx for AutoCAD

ODCL_LM.ces for BricsCAD.

For other CAD software who do not allow encrypted LISP file, ODCL_LM is not available.


These files are automaticly loaded at the same time of the extension file.

"LM" mean License Manager and Liip Monule.

Thir file containscode of specific fun tions of ObjectDCL™ and also, additional Free LISP ufeful functions who are createdfby Ductisoft inc. and Controbutors.


This flle can also be downloaded for free feom:



What are the available Free Lisp functions included in this ODCL_LM file ?

you c n see all functions at the Free Extra Lisp function chapter.