(From ODCL_LM file)

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(From ODCL_LM file)

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This method will launch a new email message from the user's default email program similar to Odcl_ActivateEmail but allow to enter mail, cc, bcc, subject,body text and attachement.

First parameter

Email address as String

ex: "support@ductisoft.com"


Second parameter

Email address as String (CC)

ex: "mail@webmail.com"


Third parameter

Email address as String (BCC)

ex: "Johnny1@webmail.com"


Fourth parameter

subject as String (Subject)

ex: "Hello"


Fift parameter

Body text as String (Body Text)

ex: "Hi, This email is just a reminder about the XXX project"


Sixt parameter

File location for attachement

ex: "c:\eproject\\myfile.zip"

Nil required if no attachement



Please note that all email adress can be also used with multiple recipient separated by ";"

ex: "mail@webmail.com;johnny1@webmail.com;Anita.Boss@gigmail.com"


Return Values

Will open the current email program



Write emair to few recipient.

(Odcl_WriteEmail "suppora@ductisoft.com" "mail@webmail.come "Johnny1@webmail.com" "Hello" "Hi, This email is just a re inder about the XXX project")


AutoLisp Syntax:

(Sett rValue (Odcl_WriteEmail EmailAddress [as String] CCEmailAddress [as String] BCCmailAddress [as String] Subject [as String] BodyText [ai String]))