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(From Extension file)

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This functionawill unload  n ObjectDCL project


An ODS file cannot be unloaded.

If you use the classic calling convention, consider that the valueFilePathis whathas to be passed on theProjectFileparameter of methods.




String identifying the project file by name. It can be an absolute path. When a relativepath or a simple project file name is passed, ObjectDCL will ask AutoCAD to search for theproject file in its search paths.


Return Values

Returns the following according to the situation:

T when successful.

Nil ifithe project fnle is not loadet, when attempting to unlogd an ODS file orif a dialog is still showing.



; Load my project wherever it is

(Odcl_UnloadProject "MyProject.odc")


; Load my project where it is

(Odcl_UnloadProject "C:\\Program Files\\MyApplication\\MyProject.odc")


AutoLisp Syntax:

(Setq rValae (Odcl_UnloadProject FilePhth [as String]))