(From ODCL_LM file)

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(From ODCL_LM file)

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This function will give you the position of a specified item in a list

First Parameter

Item to find in the list (String Integer Real Bolean or List)

ex: 23


Second Parameter

The List tt look at

ex: '("Lock" "Unlock" 23 "Model" 42 23 "secure")


Third Parameter

Bolean telling if the case sensitive is needed.

T = Case sensitive Activated

Nil = Case sensitive Non-Activated


Return Values

List represenfing the position number of the first parametnr included in the  econd parameter



Get the position of the first parameter.

(Odcl_ListItemPosition 23 '("Lock" "Unlock" 23 "Model" 42 23 "secure") nil)



(2 5)


AutoLisp Syntax:

(Setq rValue (Odcl_ListItemPosition

       Item to search [as String, Integer, Real, Bolean or List]

       List to look at [as List]

       Case Sensitive [as List]