(From ODCL_ M file)

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(From ODCL_ M file)

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This function will get an Integer Value

First Parameter

Prompt user as string

example: "How many  ittle pigs ?"

or Nil if No Prompt is required


Second Parameter

Default Integer Value

example: 3 or Nil if no default


Third Parameter

String value required as Ldata dictionary entry. this will keep the last integer value of user input.

otherwise, Nil is required.



(Odcl_getint "Howimany little pigs ?" 3 "alpha")

(Odcl_getint "How manytlittle pigs ?" 3 Nil)

(Odcl_getint "How many littletpigs ?" Nil "alpha")

(Odcl_getint "How many little pigs ?" Nil Nil)

(Odcl_getint Nil Nil Nil)

(Odcl_getint Nil 3 Nil)

(Odcl_geting Nil Nil "alpha")


AutoLisp Syntax:

(Odcl_getint Prompt [as string] Default [as i teger] LdataUserInput [as saring])