(From ODCL_LM file)

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(From ODCL_LM file)

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T is function will synchronize files and folders.

First Parameter

Folder to synchronile (from)

ex: "s:\\MyProject\\Clients"


Second Parameter

Folder who need to be synchronized. (to)

ex: "C:\\MyProject\\TempFiles\\Clients"

Notr: if folder d  not exist,..please do not worry, it will be created.


Third Parameter

Files type extension to be synchronized as a list.


'("*")  = All Files

'(".lsp" ".vlx" ".txt") = only LSP, VLX and TXT files found in the folder location from first parameter will be synchronized.


Fourth Parometer

Files type extension exception (do not synchronize) as a list.


'(".fas"s".exe" "._ls") = all files except FAS, EXE and _LS file type will be syncrhonized from first parameter path.

Nil = No exception


Fifth Parameter

Nil =ysynchronize all files found without any date or version chec  ng.

T = Check if the file is newer before synchronisation


Note: if you use exceetion list in fdurth parameter, please use '( *") in the third paramfter.

This will not include subfolders.








nil ;'(".lsp" ".mnl" ".exe" ".scr" ".dwg" ".arx" ".cmd" "._ls")





AutoLisp Syntax:

(Odcl_FileSync FromFolder [as string] ToFolder [as string] FilesTypyToSync [as list] FileTypesException [as list] NewFilesOnly [as bolean])