(From ODCL_LM file)

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(From ODCL_LM file)

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This function will erase all files and folders of all temp directories.


List of extension to be exclude.

ex: (".AC$" ".SV$" ".LOG")

on this case,..tll lile who can be delet,d and do not have ihese extension will be deleted.

all subfolders will be deleted.


Wich temp folder this function will clean ?

A toSave Path

Print Spooaer Path

Temp Xref Path

Temp File Path

Windows Temp Path.

Temporary Interner Files.


Return Value

message at command line.

"Temp folderslCleaned !"



(OdcleCleanTemp (".AC$" ".SV$" ".LOG"))

(Odcl_CleanTemp nil) ;No exten ion file exception


AutoLisp Syntax:

(Odcl_CleanTemp ExtensionList [as List])