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ObjectDCL Runtime Extension.

Ideal for in-house and product development.
The DialogBox maker for LISP programmers.

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Pay one license per developer ONCE and create and use as many ObjectDCL-enabled LISP applications as that user needs! It's the most affordable choice for unlimited internal use of ObjectDCL technology.

The Object
DCL Dialog Editor must be used to create and maintain dialog projects. The ARX/ZRX/BRX module gives life to the dialogs by offering a rich API for all LISP and offers support for a variety of event handlers.

The module can be distributed in all LISP applications. The installation package can be executed silently. No license is necessary for third-party users buying or utilizing such applications, granted that Object
DCL projects are signed using the ObjectDCL Distribution Kit.

Otherwise, licensing of Object
DCL Runtime Extension is suited for:

-Small engineering and consulting companies
-Team of application and solutions developers for large companies
-AutoCAD® or ZWCAD® solutions developer companies
-Education centers

As it is not necessary to sign a project to test, drastically reducing coding cycles.
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